TC - The "Seeder Surge!"

Now for the fun stuff:

We proudly introduce to you our latest experiment: The "Seeder Surge!"

Since the very beginning, we have strived to be the best archival site that we can be. We've noticed that very few torrents truly stay archived for very long - certainly there are few torrents over 2 years old. So, in the interest of reaching this goal and maintaining archival status, we're going to be experimenting with a few new features that collectively create what we're calling our seeder surge. We're planning on leaving these running indefinitely, perhaps with some minor tweaks, but no major changes. This is not a promotion or special event, but a radical shift in our ratio and seedership philosophy. That said, if this system gets abused or misused, it will go away and no one wants that!

So, the changes that make up our seeder surge:
  • All torrents with less than 5 seeds are freeleech until they reach 5 seeds. This includes new uploads (read: all new uploads are freeleech henceforth). Once a torrent has 5 seeds, the freeleech will be deactivated, so don't count on your full snatch being free, a 5th seeder could hop on before you're done! Torrents who drop seeds below 5 will have their freeleech reactivated until their seedership resumes. Hitting and running on freeleech torrents will be dealt with swiftly and severely.
  • We will be rolling out updates in the coming days to make it easier for you guys to find torrents that need seeding but for now you can start your hunt here:
  • The peerlist is now back for all users so all can see if a 5th seeder is about to complete and end the freeleech. The lists are cached for 15 minutes (this will NOT be changing), so don't gamble too heavily!
  • In addition there will be no more autolocking of dead threads in the forums which will make the invites forum (teh fanatic and above) much easier to deal with. This is not an endorsement for thread necromancy and repeated, unjustified attempts will result in a permanent loss in forum privileges.
  • And finally, we are implementing our new automated invite system. Only Teh Fanatic and above will be receiving invites. The specifics on what user classes getting what will remain a secret for the time being.

We hope you enjoy these new features and stay tuned for more to come!

We love you guys,
TehConnection Staff

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