CE - Upload Comp

Starting now through JAN 11th. I'm letting it run a little longer due to holidays and what not.


Upload any format you wish.

Keep track of your uploads. Post the links in this thread (one post just edit it):forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=205
Any Transcode WILL have you disqualified from the competition.
So please double check everything that you upload and make sure its quality.

With that being said lets move on to the prizes.

I'm doing it a little bit different this time. Instead of 1-3 there will be 1-5 winners.

5th- 1 invite auto promotion to Lead Singer

4th- 2 invites auto promotion to Rock Star

3rd- 3 invites auto promotion to Music Icon

2nd- 6 invites auto promotion to Band Manager

1st- 10 invites auto promotion to Celebrity
If youre already any of these classes at the end of the comp. Pm me and We'll get it sorted.

Just to throw something new in the mix as well for the giant gold trophy any single user who uploads 1,000 torrents will get to be admin with me for a week and gets to keep MOST of the perks that comes with it after!

So happy uploading! GO GO GO GO

Sorry about not having the clean hooker! She said she doesnt agree with piracy. I tried though!

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