AlphaOmega Ratio Free Site


..:: Can it really be true? ::..


..:: What does this mean? ::..

Simply? AO is no longer based on the 1:1 Ratio System you have all come to live with. We are now basing our site simply on seed times.


The new rules are simple. We have a thing called a Hit & Run system. This means that if you download a torrent, and don't seed for 72 hours out of 168 hours (3 days out 7) that you will get a warning. AO will give you the opportunity to reseed it again after that. If you have more then 3 infractions a month, you're account will get disabled.

..:: What happens about promotions? ::..

Well, this is the easy part. We're increasing the amount of upload you need for promotion, but removing anything to do with ratio requirements. So, instead of needing a 1.05 Ratio to be promoted, you'll just need to have a certain upload requirement and time on site. It's all pretty easy now.

..:: Is this forever?::..

We're trying something new to help the general user base out. We are trying to make a really nice, and easy site for everyone to use. If this doesn't work out, we have other ideas to try too. But for now, we'll just say it is under a 3 month trial. If everyone plays nice and we get a good flow going, then yeah, we'll keep this system up and running.

..:: When will this system be up and running? ::..

That's the funny part, you've all actually been using it for the last month! Yes, freeleech was just a hidden way of testing the system out. It all has been working very well until now actually. So, we've implemented it. As you'll notice your Download counter is now gone. Same with the Ratio Requirements. Clever right?

..:: Final Notes ::..

We've been trying to get this site feeling right and looking right. We've hit over 6000 active users and 7000 registrations. We're very happy with the way the site has taken off. As of the 1st Jan the site will be on an invite only basis. Plus, there will be a lot of new changes coming! So, just keep your eyes on the AO Announcement Forum and we'll be explaining the rest as they come!