TOP100 Most Requested Invites 2014

(+) - going up compared to last year
(-) - going down compared to last year
(New) - new tracker on the list (not in previous list)

1. PassThePopcorn (+1)
Largest private tracker, devoted exclusively to movies, this is a leader in the number and variety of films in different formats and quality. Tracker has a high seeding at the top of world resources, its database has more than 250,000 torrents, and it’s not the limit, as it is constantly updated with new films of different genres. Here you will find new items and classic cinema for everyone: comedy, action, science fiction, biography, crime, mystery, sports, art house, romance and more.

2. BTN (+7)
 This is a world top ratio-less TV tracker with large content, good speeds and good pretimes with gazelle code based site. It contains a huge database of various genres of television series, any size and in any capacity. Here you will find all the series that has ever broadcasted on television, with the new series appear immediately after they appeared on TV.

3. (+3)
The biggest and most difficult to get HD-tracker in the network that contains a huge collection of original Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs. Community of the tracker – this is the true connoisseurs of quality and exclusivity, which fill the resource by an excellent content. That is why the tracker contains a large number of releases from the best release groups such as Esir, Don, PerfectionHD, CtrlHD etc. Among the categories of the site –  there is exclusive movie news, HD/1080p videos, movies, TV shows, audio tracks, music, XXX- section, a collection of codecs, and more. Second quality records are not accepted, all materials on the tracker have an excellent quality.

4. DeepBase9 (0)
One of the most rare music trackers, best tracker of musical direction Drum&Bass and Dubstep. Also there are other related genres – House, Garage, Jungle, Oldschool, Techno. It contains a huge collection of releases, there are releases that can be found only on this tracker, labeled as DB9 Exclusive. DB9 is a resource that is needed for those who appreciate this style of music, a huge base and diversity of releases you will not find anywhere else.

5. HDWing (+5)
One of the largest Chinese HD-trackers, a former, which is also one of the hard to reach in the subject. Tracker contains a huge collection of HD video hands and is known for its quick releases of original Blu Ray discs, so it is often possible to find a unique distribution, which is not even on the famous

6. FSC (+10)
FSC is a different tracker when talking about community. Invitations are rare and the tracker always tries to remain anonymous. There is hardly information about this tracker on the Internet.
7. BitMe (0)
Best tracker on the internet educational topics, a place where you can find any e-learning you want. This site is amazing if you are interested in audio learning, art, college lectures, documentaries, e-books, languages, magic, medical, stock photography and many other terms. This closed world famous resource is one of the most popular on the network with collection of content that has no equal. There are many books in PDF and in audio formats, applications, utilities, tutorials, books, videos, manuals, school teaching, research topics, graphics, design, programming and more. Invite to will give you the unique opportunity to plunge into the world of knowledge and science, to obtain the necessary skills, and get the rarest of the information.

8. SceneHD (-3)
SceneHD is the leader in quality and speed of emergence scene HD rips (720/1080), movies and TV- shows. Tracker is provided with excellent seeding by loyal users, so the old distribution and prime collections (packs) are always available for download. 

9. HD-Spain (-1)
Best Spanish tracker from the category HD-video, the main direction is movies in HD quality. Also it contains a large number of different categories of another video in high quality: soap operas, cartoons, sports and TV shows. Because of its high quality torrents and Blu-ray disks the resource is considered one of the best HD trackers of Europe. The main feature HDSpain is that here you can find many rare publishers unpopular movies with English audio track. 

10. Pedro's (+1)
Highest quality and the most needful in the music world, which is a treasure trove of musical hands in the highest quality – mostly in LossLess and Vinyl. It contains more than 60,000 exclusive hands that are made only from officially released LPs and CDs.

11. CHDBits (-10)
Largest Chinese tracker with HD content and English interface. This Is a closed elite resource on which the exclusive Blu-Ray discs appear ahead of all. The service contains material of excellent quality of the sections XXX, HD, Blu-Ray, 1080/720p. In quantity and quality of available video, the tracker competes with the famous, and, according to many people, it wins the contest for the title of best HD tracker in the world.

12. fux0r (+1)
Considered by many people as the best tracker around in the category of adult entertainment. This stylish tracker was the fifth tracker to adapt the Gazelle codebase and just recently became five years old. It offers many features which are unavailable elsewhere such as preview screens when hovering over a release name and it is a easy to use and navigate central hub for everything adult entertainment related which offers cover art, release info, preview screens, current and previous casts, showcases with detailed information and more. Content is very well seeded for reasonable amounts of time considering the niche focus of this tracker and the forums are very lively.

13. GGn (+5)
Best private tracker having a special gaming dedication. The only Gazelle based games tracker with a emphasis on games new, old, and from any platform with a specific emphasis on making older games accessible too. Game information includes ratings, screenshots and trailers. Pretimes match or beat any other games or general tracker and speeds and retention times are adequate. The tracker itself has unique advanced anonymous peer features.

14. x264 (+1)
HD tracker that focuses exclusively on films and television, made using the popular codec x264 (hence the name). The focus here is on DVD-Rips, where HD resolution ranges from 576p to 1080p. Since its founding, here has been cared about quality, not quantity, so now on the tracker is compiled an impressive archive of high-quality video – movies and TV programs. 

15. Sinderella/Gnoms (+9)
Korean elite private tracker for adults, which contains a large collection of Asian XXX-material mainly Korean and Japanese origin. Moreover, in the presence there is not only hot video, but also magazines, photographs, animations, games, comedy and more. This rare and difficult resource is known by high speeds and good seeding. A variety of exclusive content makes site as the best XXX tracker in the network.

16. SCC (+1)
Largest and one of the fastest scene-trackers from the “all-in-one”. There are mp3/0day/packs sections with the ability to download without the rating, which is worth for beginners. resource will allow you to get access to the latest materials among the first, as this site  truly ranks itself as the elite of file sharing, which has access to all the earliest releases.
17. Cartoon Chaos (+6)
Best cartoon tracker in the network where you will find all types of Cartoon content. This resource will help you get back to your childhood and watch their favorite cartoons, both new and classics of the genre. Here you can find all the Transformers series, Tom and Jerry, Pluto, Scrooge, Chip and Dale, and much more.

18. PixelHD (+2)
HD tracker that focuses exclusively on high-quality video – movies and television programs. Tracker was opened in 2010, when a well-known release group PS3-Team decided to create your own tracker. PixelHD runs on a heavily modified Gazelle codebase started out as a home for an encoding and release group which focussed on 4GB/1080p/AC3-640k movie encodes, which were originally intended for console platforms. Therefore, it is the best resource for those who love releases of this encode-group and prefers movies in HD quality small size. 

19. TS-Tracker (+33)
Greatest and fastest popular German tracker of general direction. TST have amazing speeds. The two well known groups “iNCEPTiON” and “TSCC” call TS-tracker their home.

20. PTN (-6)
Great private tracker that most appealing to fans of the movies, as it is entirely dedicated to the films and its main content – are movies and soundtracks to them. Of the nice features of the tracker are providing a large number of packs, no ranking, handy bonus system. Also the users will appreciate the extraordinary beautiful interface and easy viewing movies right on the tracker, which is not common on other places.

21. TorrentLeech (+25)
Largest closed scene-trackers of general direction with a large audience (over 215 000 people) and an impressive base of material – more than 45000 torrents. For those who have no idea about Torrentleech, we should mention, that the TL – is ALL-IN-ONE, it is the tracker with the time and date of appearance of the release on the stage, with a huge community, through which it is not difficult to support the rating.
22. DVDSeed (+11)
Best polish dvd tracker that has really amazing content, mostly DVD related. There are huge base of full of DVD films, Blu-Ray films, HDTV and more. It is a polish tracker with polish interface, but FAQ and Rules sections are available in English.

23. RevolutionTT (-1)
Another powerful closed tracker from category of all -in-one. This is a UK general tracker, one of the oldest and the greatest trackers in the network, having a very good community. Almost everyone who is interested in torrents, certainly has heard about this resource, because virtually all categories from the p2p world is presented on this site in a huge amount. 

24. Exigo (+1)
Legendary elite music tracker, the rarest and the most difficult to get,  which contains a lot of music of high quality in lossless format. It can legally be said that in terms of music there is something that does not exist anywhere in the network, that is why to get on this tracker is the dream of every self-respecting music lover who appreciates quality in music most of all.

25. Saerome (+3)
Best private tracker of musical direction for Korean users. Not many people heard about Saerome, but who does he knows it is like for Korean people.

26. Music-Vid (-7)
This is a great tracker for lovers of music video. It includes videos in a great number, as well concerts and live performances. The resource is known for its close-knit community at the local forum there is a section where you can get a fairly rare invitation to other trackers. Music-Vid is currently one of the last and best sites for music videos.

27. 3DTorrents (+44)
Ratio tracker that dedicated exclusively for 3D content, hard to get and desired by many lovers of 3D video. The main categories of the tracker are 3D Movies (full length and clips) in SD, HDTV, 720p, 1080p and ISOs; 3D Software, Adult and Audio Packs. 

28. What.CD (-16)
Giant musical private tracker, founded in October 2007. It is a private BitTorrent- tracker with a huge selection of music of all genres. Every day, about 200 thousand people spread hundreds or even thousands of different kinds of music releases in a variety of formats – from simple MP3 to heavy FLAC’.
Except the music, the tracker also has a lot of comics, computer software, audio books and books in electronic format. With fast downloading speed, good seeding torrents and a huge collection of music, is a musical paradise for music fans and it brings people together from all over the world, who often share music.

29. Waffles (+2)
Musical private tracker, created like on the wake of closing OiNK and perhaps one of the most quality music trackers. At Waffles the main content that can be found is, indeed, music. But other neat stuff can be found, also, such as applications for Windows, Mac and Linux, audiobooks and E-books, E-learning videos and other

30. Brokenstones (0)
Largest and most popular tracker on apple-category, which is also called “Stones”. At the service there is an extensive section for iPhone, iPad and Mac users, where all the new programs are added almost on the day of release.

31. Frolik (+17)
One of the best Korean torrent tracker with variety of general content. Also you can remember it by its old name – Here you can find internal releases and Encoder team is very good in releasing TV-Shows and movies. This is the especial Korean tracker which also uses th letter “F” as a name. The resours is reach in many popular categories like movies, documentaries, kids video, E-books, games for different platforms and more. It has an active forum and and great helping community.

32. HDCorea (+42)
One of the biggest HD trackers in the world of private torrent trackers. This is a home of Korean HD Bit Torrent Community. The tracker had been established since 2007 it has been one of most prestigious HD tracker and hardest to get into. Also it has another common name – Born2Seed (B2S). The tracker has huge amount of both English and Korean content. HDCorea also has adult category that includes a large base of hot Korean video. Now what this tracker is famous for is its speeds. Mostly all of the users on this tracker use high speed seedboxes so speeds are lightning fast on new torrents.

33. BitHumen (+1)
BitHumen is a closed and hard to get Hungarian tracker from the all-in-one series, which is considered the best Hungarian scene tracker and arises a veteran of torrent community. This is entirely useful resource for those who need a tracker, where they can find anything for such categories as music, books, video.

34. CosaNostra (-13)
CN is a dedicated movies tracker, but it’s much more than just a tracker. It’s focused on any kind of movies, any quality and genre. It is one of the most secretive trackers and it focuses on all types of movies, regardless of language, genre or format. This tracker is easy to keep good ratio, a fast connection is certainly not a requirement to “survive” at CN. CN is not just another tracker, it’s great community, group of people who calls themselves a family. 

35. Chorome (0)
This is huge korean tracker for general content. 
36. HDME (+5)
Private tracker, which is dedicated to high-quality video, mainly includes HD movies, TV shows and video for PS3. The resource will appeal to those, who enjoy a comfortable eye-catching interface, and do not like to watch movies in CAMRip or TS. Except an impressive library of HD-video the tracker contains a large number of quality music of different styles in the FLAC format, as well as other fun stuff: computer games, sporting events, TV shows, video clips and more.

37. Awesome-HD (New)
During the last four years of work in the network, the resource has already had a high reputation and is well known for its torrents. Quality of the hands and seeding justifies the name of the tracker – awesome. The good thing about AHD is the relative loyalty to the users that do not see often on sites with high-quality HD content. 

38. Beathau5 (-1)
The tracker is dedicated to offering the biggest and best selection of electronic music on the net! It is growing at an alarming rate with roughly 400 torrents being added on a daily basis. The tracer has high quality standards and some unique content that other trackers do not carry. 

39. TehConnection (+4)
Great private ratio based tracker of movies direction. Often considered as a good alternative even popular PassThePopcorn tracker. The tracker contains an impressive film library of all genres, which is replenished new latest films. 

40. nCore (-14)
One of the largest in the network Hungarian tracker of general direction, which contains an extensive torrents database of various categories. A nice feature is the absence of rating, the resource is freeleech and using only taken into account the number of uploaded material.
41. OpenCD (+1)
Very popular chinese music tracker.

42. TranceTraffic (-10)
For the fans of fresh electronic music and DJs, an invite to open access to the magnificent collection of the best electronic music of all genres.

43. FileList (+4)
Most popular private Romanian tracker of general direction. Currently the resource has great base – over 60k active torrents and over 300k users! Among the fine features you will find out that speeds are great and there are many old torrents for more than 4 years old. Requires are quite simple, all they ask for is to keep a good ratio. All their torrents are well seeding, have at least 100-200 snatches, the popular ones have over 10k snatches and the best ones have over 100k snatches.
44. deLLuge (+10)
dLL is hidden tracker made as alternative to EOTI members for torrents. 
45. PolishTracker (+4)
The most famous and popular Polish tracker from the category of all-in-one, the best for those who are interested in just the Polish material. Tracker was founded in 2004 and since that time has accumulated an impressive collection of releases, which already has about 50,000 torrents and the number of users has exceeded 20,000 long ago. On the resource is possible to use three languages ​​- Polish, English and German, so there are no problems with lack of understanding the material for the users.

46. CGPeers (+9)
CGPeers is fantastic Graphics/ Design Tracker, it is the best tracker specialized in Graphics and Design, it is very helpful for all people using cinema 4D ,3Dmax , autocad, photoshop also provides tutorials, plugins, materials & models .
47. Bemaniso (New)
Bemaniso - is a good popular private tracker of general direction. Though to say the truth the main great section of the tracker is a huge base of DDR-Games. Also on you can easy find torrnts for music, other games, applications, video and misc. The site has a very active community and have much content, it is very good tracker for Bemanis fans, mainly focused on DDR games.

48. UHDBits (-10)
Vietnamese HD private tracker. It has many encoders in staffs team. And there is one secret: one of them is also an internal team of famous They always choose the best sources and encode very professionally and carefully. 

49. (New)
Best private tracker for different games because it supports a lot of game devices like PC, Mac, Android Phones, Iphones , Xbox, PSP and more. The tracker has a lot of seeders and there are around 50K of members.

50. GFT (-23)
Private closed tracker of general orientation, which is also called GForce tracker, one of the best trackers of the series “all-in-one”.
51. BitMeTV (-1)
Best TV tracker in the network, where you can find soap operas and television programs of all genres from all over the world. There is a huge collection of torrents and rich selection of categories – from records of individual countries to the most popular TV-shows in any quality. If you have access to, this beautiful colorful tracker will completely replace your TV, because you will be able to find any program or TV show, movie or television series on it, which have been translated on television and to watch them in any  time you want.
52. Cinematik (+14)
Popular and developed tracker that by title and by content is completely dedicated to the films of various genres. And, you will not find there trendy Hollywood blockbusters, soap operas or naive movies about steep cops and terminators. The main specialization of the resource – is DVD and HD discs of rare genre films: art-house, classic, western, experimental movies and other stuff.
53. CinemaMovies (New)
Polish private tracker of general direction, but most of its willing material is just movies of different genres and formats. The tracker has a great pool of non-scene Polish torrents, also a lot of English, at the moment it tracks around 22000 ones with almost 8000 users. All the original page is in Polish languages, but using chrome translator you are really wont be puzzled and change the page to English. Besides movies you can find there documentaries, TV-shows, sport programs, anime, e-books and other stuff Polish and English content.

54. Garden (New)
One of the most secret tracker in the internet, which exclusively dedicated to Flac music material of very high quality. Also known as the “Garden” around dedicated comunity. You will not find any usual review of this site, because “Garden” is the most unavailable private tracker. The main rule there is privacy therefore they have very small number of users. The members do not accept new user unless they know the invitee. The tracker is one of the most wished and the best FLAC tracker, even better than EXIGO and Pedro’s. 

55. SDBits (-11)
The Standard Definition Bittorrent Community is a child tracker of popular elite HD tracker The main difference from other trackers – high quality material – if a DVD format, then no compressing from DVD9 to DVD5, if a rip, only encoded by x264 codec to mkv container. The tracker has also a large collection of subtitles for movies in different languages.
56. Karagarga (0)
Largest private tracker dedicated to the art-house films in the original language of the best film-directors in this field. This category includes movies not for profit, sometimes self-made ​​films as well as films made by young film studios.  It is a retro tracker which specializes in older media content, primarily classic film industry, foreign, art, indie, alternative, rare, and generally non-mainstream productions. Also you can find an large amount of literature and older musicals, recent, and even the latest date, a variety of genres and almost all of the relevant authors of they time.

57. HDCenter (New)
One of the best German HD trackers, where the main feature of the material – not the quantity but the quality and the quality is truly German. There is just crazy on the quality as all releases are checked very carefully, so it is very difficult to get an invitation. Because of the tracker is German, it has the most quality rips and Blu-ray discs with the German voice acting.
58. (New)
One of the greatest Spanish private tracker, compared with famouse cool It is almost impossible to get invite there, because HDCity is elite and high level HD traker like This tracker is  mostly dedicated to series and movies in high definition, has an internal encoders group fully expert called HDTeam. 

59. TheMyth (+3)
Big korean tracker for everything like ebooks, movies, games etc.
60. BeyondHD (+13)
One of the greatest private trackers with perfect HD video material. Thier interface is beautiful and sophisicated around other websites. The resource itself looks as though it has been designed by an expert with years of experience.

61. WiHD (+7)
French private tracker for video in high definition. Movies content is mostly in French and English. The tracker contents a mix of French and English releases including full Blu-ray movies, animation, documentaries, TV series and more. 
62. MMA-Tracker (New)
Tracker specialized in MMA content. You will find almost any MMA stuff there, great content and great speeds.

63. jPopsuki (-34)
Good tracker and database about Japanese music and videos. By now there is a problem for fans of Asian music to find similar material, so the tracker – this is a good solution to this task, as it contains a number of songs and videos and you can find almost any artist from Asia. Important advantages of the tracker are the presence of high upload speeds and easy access to information with the division into sections and categories.

64. Pretome (New)
One of the best ratio free general / 0-day tracker that was born in may, 2008. Ptm is a great site with good pre-times and huge base of content. You will find there all popular stuff like movies, series episodes, games, xxx section and so on are uploaded. 

65. iTS (+7)
Ratioless tracker with movies in different format like AFR or BD/BRrip.
66. TheOccult (+1)
Subject of the tracker – are astrology, alchemy, shamanism, religion, magic, divination, and other interesting things of this opera. On the resource registered about 25,000 users downloaded more than 15,000 torrents, which contain all kinds of materials on the tracker, ranging from simple information in text form and finishing quality video content on DVD. Besides, there is a lot of material in a variety of popular formats such as PDF, AVI, MP3, FLAC, MP4 and others.
67. (+11)
One of the few trackers that’s only for downloading Anime, Manga, J-Music and OST’s, plus other anime-related material such as pc-games. It has over 35k torrents and 8k users.

68. Rarat (New)
Swedish private tracker that mostly specialised for movies and TV series. The tracker is generally Swedish but also contains many English torrents and most of them are English. has good seeding video content like movies, TV shows, Swedish tv shows, archives. There are wide variety of available fromats: dvdr pal, dvdr custom, 720p film, 1080p film, dvdr tv, 720p tv, 1080p tv, 720p movie, 1080p movies. 
69. HDRoad (+12)
Large Chinese private tracker that specializes in the storage and distribution of HD material. The tracker contains all the high-definition video, including Blu-ray movies, HDTV- shows, TrueHD and other releases. 

70. BitHDTV (-25)
One of the oldest and one of the first tracker on HD-related topics. Also there is a large section with XXX in HD, which is extremely rare. The tracker is good for those who like to make their own hands on different trackers or collect their video collections. 

71. Quarks (+21)
German ratioless tracker with mostly German content, which started its existence in the March 2005. It is a general/0day tracker and you will also find English content but not as much as the German material.

72. Sparvar (+7)
Sweden general scene torrent tracker mostly dedicated DVD and BD related material. After the shutdown of SweDVDr several new trackers emerged but Sparvar is the most successful of them. Sparvar has a decent amount of good, old contents, which they tracks pal DVD-R, custom DVD-R, television DVD-R, television SD, films SD, films HD, TV HD, audio-books, e-books and other.
73. RFM (-16)
Very interesting specialized tracker devoted to the topic of auto and motorcycle racing sport.
74. PolishSource (+1)
PolishSource is one of the best polish site with many internal relases,good speeds and pretimes.
75. BitHQ (+2)
This is the best tracker for those who are looking for or collects the DVD, because the main emphasis here is on DVD discs of different genres. It is good and fast growing source of materials for creating their hands to other trackers. And, if you want to download proven, high-quality disks and a license is important for you, then Bithq is your service, you’ll find here all formats – R5, R1 or R9. In a beautiful collection of DVDs on you can find anything you like, including rare and exclusive stuff, movies, music, concerts, TV shows. 

76. NorBits (-40)
Norwegian private tracker of general direction, where is very hard to get an invite. Therefore, the Norwegian content is about half. The site is rather little-known, avoiding publicity, there is no bonus system.
77. HQSource (+11)
Great Polish HD tracker which lets its users get access to a large base of movies in high video quality. Also you can find there other popular categories as Music, Blu-ray, TV-series and even XXX section. All the videos has excellent quality and good voice acting. A nice feature of the site is the large amount freeleech torrents that allows easy to earn a quite high rating. On the tracker that you can find many internal encodes by ELiTE group.

78. (-20)
Unique, very interesting and the one special private tracker in the network, which is also called “tasty tracker”, it is dedicated to the art of cooking. 

79. Secret-Cinema (+15)
Good tracker were you can find old, rare and obscure movies from different ganres. This tracker is well suited for people who like to watch classic Hollywood and genre films. Except of classic movies the tracker also contains other interesting categories such as audio and e-books, TV serials, documentaries, cartoons, fantasy and even a radio broadcast.
80. HDCmtC (+5)
Chinese tracker for tv movies and series in different HDTV formats. 
81. StopThePress (New)
E-learning tracker specialized in PDF and other learning stuff. The content on this tracker is very unique and mostly it can’t be found on any other tracker.
82. Cinemageddon (+4)
Specific film tracker, which has the main specialization – a rare and unpopular movies, old movies, cult horror movies. Here you can find rare rips DVD movies and documentaries, as well as the extraordinary low-budget films that are not broadcast in movie theaters.

83. TheVault (-19)
Educational tracker, which brought together a wide collection of materials about business and marketing in a variety of categories, including advertising, finance, management, taxation, offshore, real estate, consulting, IT industry and more. 

84. LzTR (-24)
Unique in its kind and the only private tracker, which is dedicated exclusively soundtracks. And here are not only audio materials of well-known rock groups, the tracker contains a lot of original soundtrack (OST) from many popular movies, anime, classical and jazz music, as well as the famous and not so TV shows and even computer video games. 
85. TranceRoute (-22)
Largest music tracker focused on trance and electronic music releases.  Every day there are added freeleech torrents (green titled), which can be downloaded without the rating, so ratio maintaining is very easy. There are also exclusive of electronics, which are not found on other music trackers.  


86. MyAnonamause (-10)
Ratio based e-learning tracker for e-books, audiobooks and musicology. Their comunity is friendliness, warmth, sharing. 

87. Nextgen (New)
Biggest Danish private general / 0-day tracker with large base of different material and good download speeds. Nextgen contains huge amount of popular content like applications, movies, games, audio books, music, videos, flac music, boxsets, XXX content and much more.

88. PlanetQ (+3)
Very good Spanish private HD tracker mostly dedicated to DVD-R and Blu-ray video material. Especially you can find there a lot of DVD-R, also in authoring called BDVD which is to create a DVD-R using a video source in HD and adding menus and different audio tracks, are magnificent works. This tracker is one the best in the world in its category. 
89. BTGigs (New)
TG is a great polish private tracker which has the best alive content like movies, games, music, TV shows and many more. Everyone with 100GB uplaoded is allowed to uplaod torrents but they have to follow some restrictions. That’s why there’s only good described torrents with high quality.

90. TTG (-31)
Chinese tracker of general orientation, which is mostly known for dispensing quality HD movies and computer video games. English interface is also included. TTG originally specialized in video games, but now the site has expanded its base material, and also keeps track of software, movies, documentaries, console games.
91. TorrentShack (New)
One of the best and coolest general ratioless scene/0day tracker. This tracker has a very steady userbase and many torrents. The tracker is ratioless and pre times are very good.
92. TVstore (New)
Ratioless Hungarian private tracker with English content, which mostly has different television stuff. The most common types of material are TV series, cartoons, anime series, and more of TV. 
93. HQ-Films (New)
Largest Russian private tracker, entirely devoted to video in HQ – high quality. The material on the site are replenished regularly and quickly with fresh and interesting distributions, which are well sorted by type, genres and categories, so finding the right movie or TV show will not be difficult for the advanced user and for the beginner.

94. Bibliotik (New)
Known private educational tracker, which is a real online library. The main advantage of the site is its collection of audio and PDF books, mostly of a scientific nature. Tracker also has a wide range of scientific theses, journals, articles, periodicals and other materials.

95. HDVNBits (-30)
Vietnamese private tracker of general direction, but it can be translated using Google translate. It is very good tracker when it comes to HD. It has good encodes for ESiR,EbP,CtrlHD,DON. It also has mHD encodes section for EPiK. First of all, HDVNBits is Vietnamese-only tracker, so if you are foreign then its rather hard to get in. But for native members HDVN is really the best tracker for searching great HD content. Speed iv very good and bonus system is perfect.

96. PianoSheets (New)
Nice special tracker and as its name suggests it is devoted to music sheets. But the tracker is not limited to just piano, it also carries sheets, scores & transcriptions related to all instruments (piano, guitar, woodwinds, percussion, strings, even vocals, and more). 
97. Clover (-15)
Clover is one of the Korean private tracker, this tracker like others Korean tracker, strictly and highly anonymous. This tracker serve same content with Chorome and Frolik, but they are more focused on the TV-Series the most. 
98. IPT (-28)
Huge and one of the oldest tracker of all-in-one, with all the possible kinds of content – games, movies, TV shows, music, software, books, XXX and much more.

99. BlackCatGames (-59)
Largest game tracker and indisputably – the best in the area, where you can find games for all platforms and systems. This popular resource is famous for its nickname of  ”Cats”, it won`t let you down and will always give you what you are looking for. From the beginning of the “gamers” era to massive new products of the last days.

100. FTN (-97)
For many years FTN was in TOP3 of most requested trackers! Now it's CLOSED.

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