TOP 100 Most Requested Invites in 2012

TOP 100 Most Requested Invites in 2012

So this was an interesting year in request sections. What we do checked? Not only simple request sections on invite forums but also recruitements threads and number of requests there, power users forums on private trackers where users can requests invites to other trackers. So this is a big list of most requested trackers invites. This is TOP 100 of most desire invites.

1. FTN
Among all other popular trackers, especially chinese trackers FTN still is most requested tracker in 2012. Requests for FTN are still often, still lots of users searching for this tracker. It's easier to join FTN than last years but requests didn't drop, still forums are full of FTN requests. This is most requested tracker in 0day category.

2. CHDBits
This is a big one. CHDbits.org also known as " Classic High Definition Private Tracker" is one of the bigges and active tracker in China.CHDbits.org is very well known for their internal HD recordind/enconding teams like: CHDBits , CHD , CHDTV , CHDPAD , PDAHD , StBOX , AREA11 , ZON3.Also CHDbits has a lot of FREE leech torrents , so it's not very hard to mentain your ratio. Almost same number of request like FTN. Requests are growing and grownig for CHD and probably in next year CHDBits will be most requested tracker. This is most requested tracker in HD category.

3. HDChina
HDChina is one of the most popular HD trackers out there. HDC is a chinese trackers which encodes a lot of tv shows and movies. They have many a lot different encoding teams for different catalogs of TV shows and movies. Request for HDC are still growing.

4. SceneHD
Most popular HD english language tracker among users. Number of request are very big, you can find it almost on all invite forums.

5. BitMe
BitMe going strong, and users still want to learn more! This e-learning tracker have big numer of requests. BitMe im most requested tracker in e-learning category.

6. HD-Spain
This tracker has been around for 4 years now, and it is one of the biggest HD Spanish movie trackers out there. Biggest surprise in Top 10. Requests for this spanish HD tracker rise this year to very big number, yet it is really difficult to get an invite. This is most requested non-english tracker.

7. HDBits.org 
One of the bigest HD tracker, with very good internal team and with big and active community. Very good speed and great content. Invites are close almost all the time and they open only for a few hours.Only staff and vip ( vip inst the donors its a different userclass ) can send invites when they are closed.Tracker is almost impossible to get into yet number of request is very big and place this tracker at 7.

8. FSC
FSC is a different tracker when talking about community. Invitations are rare and the tracker always tries to remain anonymous. There is hardly information about this tracker on the Internet. Some of the forums forbid FSC request but yet you can find some recruitements threads for FSC. And then you will see very large numer of request. FSC is most requested non-ratio tracker.

9. DeepBase9
Tracker mainly specialize in the music style of Drum'n'Bass. Also a lot of Bass, House and Techno. In 2012 most requested music tracker detronized biggest players like What or Waffles. DB9 is most requested tracker in music category.

10. Sinderella
Korean adult tracker that specializes in Japanese and Korean porn. This year number of requests rises a lot for this tracker. This is the most requested tracker in porn category.

11. PTN
PTN is a ratioless movie tracker. It tracks less movies compared to PTP , but if you're just looking for the latest releases PTN is great and you can download all you want right from the start.This is most requested tracker in movies category.

12. Pedro's
Pedros is one of the most debated over trackers with people comparing it to various sites like what.cd and waffles. It isn't as big as any of them when it comes to number of torrents but the whole purpose of pedros was way different compared to both of them. The sole purpose of pedros was quality uploads. Still one of the most requested music trackers.
13. Music-Vids
Music Video tracker with lots of official and live videos. Lots of request for MV on different invite forums and trackers forums. Most requested tracker in music videos category. 
14. fux0r
fux0r is a must have for any porn lover. A beautiful looking site with a large amount of quality content (a result of their strict uploading rules), great speeds, and a wonderful community. Requests for this tracker rise every day. 
15. BTN
BTN is a ratioless TV show only tracker. This tracker has tons of torrents. All torrents are very well organized by TV shows, individual seasons and episodes. Most requested tracker in TV category.
16. CN
A excellent movies tracker with lots of content and very nice and unique design.

17. x264
This is an incredible movies and TV tracker with an abundance of quality content, awesome hard working internal encoders, many long-term seeders, an active forum, and much more.

18. RevolutionTT
RevTT is a general 0day tracker with reasonable but not great pre times. The format is is clear and concise and easy to navigate. Upon being invited to RevTT you will be given a small upload credit and be subject to waiting times based on your upload and ratio.
19. What.CD
Every music lover should be a part of this community. It is the most organized tracker, whatever band you're looking for, you'll be able to find it in seconds and in whatever format. That's why there are hardly any "dupes" because every band/album is categorized by format/year. 
20. SCC
One of the most wanted, well organized, well managed, well secured, well designed trackers in the BT world. Site is full of rich contents. This is one of things that users get attached to the tracker. Huge freeleech packs, single episodes in different formats, various kind of releases etc.
21. CartoonChaos
Most requested tracker in kids/cartoon category.
22. PassThePopcorn

23. LzTR

24. nCore

25. TranceTraffic

26. GFT

27. HD-Torrents

28. ComicBT

29. iTS

30. HDME

31. Jpopsuki

32. Brokenstones
Most requested tracker in MacOS category.

33. Waffles

34. Bibliotik

35. ScienceHD

36. TorrentGUI

37. MyAnonamouse

38. GGn
Most requested tracker in games category.

39. NorBits

40. Bit-HDTV

41. BitGamer

42. BitHumen

43. iFR

44. Awesome-HD

45. Exigo

46. SDBits

47. TorrentLeech

48. PolishTracker

49. LosslessWorld

50. TheDVDClub

51. TranceRoute

52. BitMeTV

53. TehConnection

54. The Vault

55. TSNT
Most requested tracker in sports category.

56. HDStar

57. 3DTorrents

58. Pretome

59. TorrentHR

60. Sparvar

61. BitSpyder

62. BlackCatGames

63. Open.CD

64. TheMyth

65. HDVNBits

66. Karagarga

67. PixelHD

68. BitVault

69. HD-Bits

70. FileList

71. IPT

72. ThePlace

73. PornBits

74. Cinemageddon

75. BaconBits

76. AdultCinemaNetwork

77. HDRoad

78. HorrorCharnel

79. TTi

80. TorrentDay

81. Torrent-Damage

82. iPlay

83. HDCorea

84. Freshon.TV

85. FormulaMonkey

86. DigitalHive

87. BitHQ

88. AnimeBytes

89. TheOccult

90. HD-mkv

91. GFXNews

92. TVTorrents

93. seX (closed)

94. deli.sh

95. B2S

96. Underground Gamer

97. Swebits (closed)

98. Supertorrents

99. RMVBusters (closed)

100. UTN (closed)***

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