3dBlurayIso closed

Dear Forum user.

It is with heavy heart, and deep regret that today we took the decision to close the site down. Due to some unforseen circumstances and situations we have been dealing with, we could not continue the site any longer. We would like to thank you all for you support.

Unforunately a small group of people with their own selfish agendas had to ruin it for others, and resort to tactics that simply defy any ethic of the scene. The reality is, that they have now hurt that scene more than they could possibly know.

We hope 3D really takes off and maybe it will be a standard for scene releases soon, but as of now, our forum is permanently closed.

Goodbye our friends, it was fun for the most part.



  1. Break my heart to see this great site gone with the wind.

  2. that really sucks
    great forum and content

  3. id like my subscription money back plz

  4. y have they really shut for??

  5. Ok, so what happens to VIP menbers from bluray3diso that have just renewed a 3 month membership??? Will there be a new 3dblurayiso.com forum??? Are you guys going to get a new server and stuff like that???
    If so, how can old members like me find out about any news reguarding this site???

  6. they should reimburse the money

  7. That was A TOP NOTCH site for 3D stuff!! This is terrible news for all of the 3D community. I would like to know what is really behind the closing of the site? I donated several times and got more in return than I donated. So there is NO complaints from me!! I'm am sure it is not A "Take the Money and run" type of thing. I was A member since the beginning(or 2 months after they opened) and can honestly say the site was A CLASS ACT, and other sites should follow their direction. I am going to truly miss this site, I can only hope that they reconsider or reopen under A new name and that I am able to find it. But in the mean time, I would like to know what happened to "3dblurayiso" and if there are any other good 3D sites that I am not aware of?? Many Thanks....RiZ

  8. Yeah, I paid them too.

  9. Oh ffs that sucks, where do we hook up now then?

  10. Great i just bought a Blu Ray burner, blank discs and subscription to them for 3 months and now this.. such a shame where do we go now?

  11. I paid them too. If I've had some idea this was about to happen I would have downloaded some more moves.

  12. try 3dtorrents.org its ok but not as good as 3dblurayiso

  13. I can only think it's the heavy hand of the law that forced the closure? But... They do mention that some other scene groups were involved in some shady shenanigans?

    I wish someone would post up the reason why they have closed instead of us all posting on here as a means of getting an answer...

  14. dun asking "y" anymore ,.....this is helpless ,we should now recomend new 3D site....

    1) 3dblurayiso (closed) file hoster / torrent
    2) http://x264-bb.com/ file hoster
    3) http://hdmania.org/ file hoster

    any other recommend ? i have few chinese forum for 3D but i think not people see.............

  15. I just noted the site was gone also. This is indeed terrible. It was a top notch site. I guess now I will be searching desperately for other sources. I wonder if he will keep posting to usenet? Are his past uploads tagged on usenet in anyway that would be searchable?

  16. I definatelly got much more than I gave, so I;m not going to complain at all. But I'll miss Mr 3D and Crew. I loved this site so much and I'm going to miss it a lot.
    I probally downloaded everything they had released that really interested me, more than 50 movies for sure, mainly bluray3d, only a few SBS. Now for the new releases what can we do??? I live in Brazil and besides there are 3D TVs already in the market for almost a year, there aren't any bluray3D releases in my country so far, this is a shame!!!!!

  17. The torrents are posted and so are the NZB on the news servers. It's easy to find them with a search engine.

    If you want the full BD search for the ISO. If you want the MKV search for HALF SBS.

  18. Except that most of their usenet posts are passworded to keep them available for paying members only. No site, no passwords, no use.

  19. Yeah, at least post a list of the passwords for the .nzb files, especially for everyone that just renewed. If anyone has the passwords, post them up to usenet or something.

  20. Gnomeo And Juliet - shakespeare
    City Under Siege - zhangdachu
    Drive Angry - dedicated2zman
    Olsen Gang Gets Polished - mr3dgetwellsoon
    Animals United - newconference
    Scar - terrified
    Housekeeper's Revenge - bigestmensfear
    Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back - flyingmonkeys
    The Green Hornet 3D - camerondiaz
    Sanctum 3D - MRCOVERS
    Sammy's Adventure: The Secret Passage - bestpopouts
    Deep Ocean Experience 3D - octopus
    Megamind 3D - thankyou3dvictory
    Flirting With Flamenco 3D - unusualflirt
    Magic Journey to Africa 3D - wildafricajungle
    Garfield's Pet Force - cartoonito
    The Chronicles Of Narnia - The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader - merfolk
    Imax: Hubble 3D - SPACE
    Natalie - asiansexybody
    Battle For Terra 3D - BATTLE
    Mummies: Secret's of the Pharoah - tutanchamon
    Magie des Waldes 3D - germanforest

  21. anyone got the pw for saw the final chapter half sbs. Tried withourcompliments but doesnt work...

  22. Here is another good 3D BluRay website


  23. Try www.3dsbs.com

  24. Everything you seek is at www. fs-3d dot com

  25. anyone please share a link of nvidia 3dtv play crack

  26. does someone know the password for "ThPrdgs3DBlryISO356" 2D and 3D BLU RAY release, that seems coming from 3dblurayiso.
    we are a bunch to look for this password. so if someone could help us......

  27. anyone knows about the password for this release ?ThPrdgs3DBlryISO356

    thanks a lot

  28. just go to 3DBD25 dot com (or net), they are the new one-stop shop for 3D Blu-Ray Discs.

  29. Hell yeah, 3DBD25 is the new 3DBlurayiso for sure, but even better. The collections of things they have there is unreal.