BwTorrent`s Strict new Rules and No More Donations

A few things happening on this site in recent weeks and some changes are being made.

I need all of you to pay attention to the following very very carefully and abide by it. Consequences will be dire for failing to follow the below.

1. Many members are taking undue advantage of the good nature of staff on this site and blatantly ignoring rules, especially when it comes to directing personal insults to other members and show disrespect to others. This is going to stop immediately. All have to follow forum decorum.

2. No one is immune from receiving WP's or being banned. Irrespective of how well you may think you know other staff members of this site or if you are under any misguided belief that you may be under some form of protection. Will do you well to remember this.

3. The post report function has a specific purpose and is not meant to be used for any imagined slight that you 'think' is directed at you. Members who frivously report posts will be issued WP's.

4. As of today I am closing all reported posts with no action taken and giving you all a chance to start fresh. Please do not take advantage of our generosity.

5. Going forward, any personal insults, disrespect to other members or other flamming, trolling, insulting parents, etc.. will be dealt with. Again... No one is immune to this.

6. Sharing ids with people that are banned will result in a permanent ban.

7. Use your second chance wisely...

Now onto the more serious part...

As of now all registrations to Bwt are closed for good. Use your invites wisely as once they are gone you may or may not receive more.

Remember, with registrations closed if you are banned you will have no chance to rejoin. Think twice before you post anything that might even remotely go against the rules. We will not hesitate to ban troublemakers.

Our Paypal account has been permanently suspended due to some $hitheads. No more donation requests will be posted.

Therefore BwT will be sponsored buy our sponsors only. This means if you want to keep BwT alive then you will have to visit our sponsors site as often as you can by clicking on their links on this site.

Remember this site is run by volunteers for the benefit of the community of users. So upto all of you if you want to keep this site alive !! Your choice

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