CE - Site Updates

In case you haven't noticed there have been some changes on the site

1) On the browse page there's now a + image next to the torrent name. If you click it you'll see the details of the torrent; the track list, album art, a working Thanks button and the ability to rate the torrent as you see fit.

2) The categories on the browse page are now collapsible which cleans up the page quite a bit.

3) The check boxes for the categories work as well, and you can now filter torrents by multiple genres.

4) Torrents on the browse page have been limited to a max listing of 25 to decrease load times and increase performance of the page.

4) Introducing the new light minimalistic theme Cadence.

Let us know what you think about the changes here. Also don't forget to thank our coders ragincajun77 and vDubG for their hard work, and check out the donate page and toss a few bucks towards the site if you can afford it. And if you can't afford a few bucks, do the next best thing and snatch/upload a few torrents.

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