BlackCatsGames is looking for Recruiters

till send out referrals to the masses, but from now on, it will mostly be to those who have uploaded at least 1 torrent, we will never ever sell give a referral out with a donation so the next best thing you can do is upload a torrent (it will probably include your acheivements in there as well, and time member).

In the last 3 months, we have give our members, 250,000 referrals, we have welcomed 4,000 (ish) new members and a lot of those have been banned so giving referrals to everyone just is not working.

I think that covers everything, but its 3am here so i may have missed something out, I or another member of staff will edit it later if i have.

new I forgot something

From generating the code, they now have 24 hours to use it.
To generate the code, you will have to have the Badge of Honour (no hit and runs) if you have hit and runs, then you cannot generate them.

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