Israel banned from Ntorrents

The country of Israel has been banned. Their IPs are   now firewalled from accessing the site and the server. Please do not   invite them in the future. Users found to be bypassing this ban will be   disabled. Users inviting users from Israel will be disabled.    This was a decision made in the interests of protecting the site from   traders, invite sellers, ratio cheats and hackers within that country.

A team of Israeli hackers has recently in the last 3   days exploited a vulnerability on the site. They have been banned. Steps   are being taken to secure the server. I cannot discuss the nature of   the vulnerability or the steps being taken to prevent a similar   occurrence in the future.

  If you had accounts on: SceneHD.org or FTN the attackers were using an   iframe exploit to attempt to gain access to them. Please change your   passwords on these sites. There will be more information in the future.
  EDIT: After analysis of the exploit. They were only attempting to send   invites from these sites if you had them, please watch your accounts for   suspicious invite activity.
  This shook our community hard and rest assured staff is working hard to   get this resolved. This seems like a terrible time to ask for donations,   but desperate times call for desperate measures and our hosting   situation is changing. Please utilize the donate.php link at the top of   your screen if you can spare money or at least some words of support in   the forums. Together we can emerge stronger than ever and launch PWN.

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