PTN - Invites

We were looking at the recent poll, and thought that as 63% voted "I've been waiting for one!"  to the question How about an invite?, that it was time that we offered some invites :-)

And with PtN V2 opening up to all registered members within the next month (yes - within 4 weeks!!) what better time than to get your friends in?  They will see with you our brand new PtN V2 :love:

But we staff here at Ptn never make things easy :lol:  It is a competition after all, but everyone who enters can be a winner, there are no losers, you could get 1 invite, or 2, or 5 or 10, yes 10 invites :w00t:

So how do I get 10 invites you ask, well you work for them, you put in the work, we reward you, simples.

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