TOP100 Most Requested Invites in 2014!

So it's end of the year and it's time for TOP100 Most Requested Invites in 2014.
We compare invites with our last year list. There are some big changes since in this year couple of trackers was closed, some have long downtimes and some gain more and more popularity. We have also some new trackers on the list.
Every tracker is marked with NEW, UP or DOWN mark. So check new trends in invites requests in this year.

Pedro's Christmas Amnesty 2014

Overwhelmed with Christmas cheer and positivity we are hereby announcing our annual amnesty.
Send an amnesty request email to xbtmusic.amnesty(at)gmail.com. You need to include your
nickname in the message title. We will unban you if and only if:

[~]  You were not banned manually by a staff member (for whatever reason)
[~]  You did not join during an open signup
[~]  You were not auto banned for your ratio (or if your ratio is not lower than 0.75)
[~]  You are not from a blacklisted country or you did not join illegally (e.g. over a proxy)
[~]  Your account is older than 6 months (counting from this December).

We are looking forward to unban anybody not covered by the said conditions, yet, in any case,
we reserve the right to ignore your request at our discretion.


Beathau5 going down

Seems that if BH5 don't reach their donation goal. It's look like monday will be their R.I.P. date.
Official announcement:

We have reached 24.37% of our donation goal this month.
Since the creation of the site, the staff have contributed the remainder of that goal in order to keep the site alive. Unfortunately the staff are not able to make enough of a contribution to pay the server bill in full this month. The server bill is due this Monday, and if we do not receive any more donations, we will sadly have to close the site.
We cannot exist without the support of our users. If donations are not reached by Monday, the site will officially close.


Zamunda online again for users outside Bulgaria

Zamunda is the biggest bulgarian torrent tracker. It's not a specialized tracker, so you can find whatever you want. It's with closed signups and no invite system. The good news is that the signups become open from time to time when some of the users are banned. Don't be afraid if you don't know bulgarian - the site has English translation and also a small part of the forum is dedicated to foreign users. In two words - the tracker is very friendly to all users.

Since the tracker is originally planned to be for Bulgarian users, you have to set your language to English after you register. You can do so by clicking the English flag next to your username in the top left corner.
Note: All the comments on the torrents are written in Bulgarian, so you will probably not understand them, but if you want to ask something, you can always drop a comment in English or write in the international forums/ you will surely be answered/

If your ratio is under .30 you must seed all the torrents you download for at least 30 mins after downloading them or you will be warned/ 3 warnings = ban/.

Go and register for Zamunda here

If above link don't work try this link here


Inside GCS - Top Secret FLAC tracker

GCS - is one of the most secret tracker in the internet, which exclusively dedicated to Flac music material of very high quality. Also known as the “Garden” around dedicated community. You will not find any usual review of this site, because “Garden” is the most unavailable private tracker. The main rule there is privacy therefore they have very small number of users. The members do not accept new user unless they know the invitee. The tracker is one of the most wished and the best FLAC tracker, even better than EXIGO and Pedro’s. At the moment there are about 26000+ torrents and 200+ members.

GCS Invite




Apply for invite:

GCS Invite


What's new? Upcoming series: Pirates Memory, Secret BT World, and others

So in upcoming weeks we will presets you some new series of articles:


We remind you some old trackers that goes down years ago. Those you know and those you never see in your life.


Want to know more about secret and elite private trackers? We show them to you!


We start to update our Invite Forums DB. Yep there are also "secret" forums out there. If you want to know more or want to add your forum to the Database just send us email on: insidebittorrent@gmail.com


Yes it's coming end of 2014 and we prepare another updated about most requested trackers in 2014.


More reviews of trackers!


New list of most popular trackers between members.


List of 1000 active trackers! Only here on InsideBT!

Want to add something? Contact us on insidebittorrent@gmail.com

FTN Down Forever

It's almost a year when FTN goes down. Users are still waiting for ressurection but the fact is that there will be no ressurection of FTN.

DDOS attacks from Dec.2013 and Jan.2014 just quick end FTN life. From close source to owner Brandon we know that server bills wasn't payed, Brandon is missing and nobody got access to db, domain, server etc. So owner is gone and so FTN. There will be no ressurection since now it's too late, most of users go to other trackers and Brandon just had enough and quit without a word.

For years FeedtheNet was one of the best trackers in the net. It was very hard to get into. From one moment it was called elite tracker and was most desire tracker not only for simple trackers members but also from trackers and sellers.

FTN and other "elite/secret" trackers just make private trackers and whole bt world sick. But it's time for them to go. FTN isn't first and last "elite" tracker to go down. There was other trackers to go down just because there was elite and have small userbase. Who remember iFi, FTWR, bR, UK-T? So who is next in the line? Exigo? deLLuge? Garden? FSC? We see about that...

Want to know more about "secret" trackers? Read InsideBT because we start series of articles about all those secret trackers who is still online.


"Clover" busted by police for child pornography

'Clover' (aka W동) was a general/pr0n tracker from Korea. It was one of those secret, hidden korean trackers with rare invites. We receive first signals that Clover is down in march thanks to one of our reader. Now we have confirmation that owners of Clover have been busted by Korean Police.

Distribution of movies and TV or any copyright content is illegal in Korea. Using of bittorrent technology is treated as distribution so many of korean trackers are deep hidden and are very hard to get into.

Special Cyber Investigation Police section from Seoul have arrested 2 owners of Clover and sized tracker servers which was rented from one of Vietnam based hosting company.

Among all torrents in Clover there was over 1000 movies containing child pornography. Torrents was visible  and was under AdultVideo section accessible for every of 3400 registerd members.

Owners are also accused of gain profit from child pornography since they create a Pay Membership for members.

Korean police is now searching for users who download illegal files since they will be accused of distribution or possesion of child pornography.


SecretShadowSociety new forum form PA crew

SecretShadowSociety (SsS) is a new bt forum from some old PeerAccess crew. After internal fights and fall of PA some of old PA staff decide to run new forum. 
SsS is not new PA but have all features that PA had. Also there are old members from PA and new users can join SsS since they have open signup right now.

So let's check out what SsS can offer to users:

You can find old features from PA like info of new releases, releases dates, SsS have also own host for uploading images, sections for invites, trackers reviews, recruitments, movies reviews etc.

From start SsS gather +470 users, +1500 posts.

So if you interested you can join SsS since they have open signup:


CosaNostra application open

CN is a great private tracker for movies in differnet formats. It's more than a tracker is a active community for those who love movies.

Their encodes are great. They are less in quantity but great quality encodes..This site is not for those users who want to download and never participate in forums. For movie lovers and people who care about privacy this is a gem.

CN currently accept new applications. Apply HERE

GFT Signup Open

GForce Tracker (GFT) is a genaral / 0-Day tracker with good pretimes 'n scene content.

The pretimes are amazing. Apart from scene releases, GFT have added several of their own packs (Movies 'n TV Series Packs, XXX Packs Etc.,) known as GFT Gems.

Overall GFT is a good ratioless tracker with good pre times, speed and content.

Currently tracks over 44k torrents.

Signups are open atm so take your chance.

Signup HERE