PTP hits 50.000 movies!

Congratulations to each and every one of you, this is a huge accomplishment. We've never been more proud of this site and it's users. Three years ago this seemed like a pretty impossible landmark to reach but now we're here.

To celebrate we're going to do a few different things.

  • The 50,000th Movie - Congratulations to morgonkvist on uploading our 50,000th movie! They've been made VIP for the remainder of the month, sent 200,000 points and will be given both a user pick and custom title of their choosing. Since the rest of you can't enjoy that, we've also made the movie, Alleged, freeleech for the next 72 hours.
  • Pass the Popcorn Mosaic Scavenger Hunt - We took the avatars of every user on the site and made it into one giant copy of our default avatar. There's a smaller version up top but to see the full, bandwidth-intensive, image click here. The first person to find all 14 staff avatars will win 200,000 bonus points and a free custom title. Once you've found all of the avatars, send esophagus a private message with all of the avatars in some way highlighted or distinguished from the rest of the mosaic. Click here for all of the staff avatars you'll need to look for, a couple of us have changed them since this was made so it is worth checking. Keep in mind, all of the images are squared so in some cases you're only looking for a part of the avatar.
  • Staff picks - Each and every one of us selected a movie to celebrate the occasion. These picks will be freeleech for 72 hours after the time of this post to make sure you all get a chance to snatch them.

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