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Hey everyone!

I hope everyone has noticed the small changes around the site lately! We have a new staff member, Bacon, who has settled into the position of Moderator. We also have a new Administrator, brownt0wn! Please join me in congratulating them on their well deserved promotions.

We hit 3k torrents last week. Nice job everyone There is a steady amount of torrents being uploaded daily and we're encouraging people to participate in contests. You'll receive points and help build our collection. We don't bite!

As far as features are concerned, we haven't had a huge amount of dev work (I've been a little busy with RL) but I was able to add a few new features:

- Sorting points page (it was a hot mess otherwise)

- Country/Timezone settings on the profile edit page.
If you want don't to show your country flag on your profile, make sure the country setting is "None/Anonymous". If you unset the country, you will not be able to use the timezone feature. staff page also shows the country/time for staff members which choose to display such information.

- New stylesheet added. We now have two official stylesheets. Mono_dark is the first, by trza, and the second is kuro_improved. Thanks to Flasheeur for fixing it up for use on MusicEye.

- New forum added! Encoding Corner is for any sort of encoding talk. We're welcoming the expertise of any encoders out there. You can also ask questions you may have, someone should be able to help you. We'd love to have an encoding guide but each music video is unique and it'll take some time to write something like that.

MusicEye has been a great success, and it's getting better every minute. I want to thank everyone who has helped it grow. If anyone has any suggestions, please speak up! Staff are always listening to feedback provided to us.

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