Pedro’s BTMusic – Amensty 2011

    In almost 8 years we developed a sound and vibrant community. Just recently we noted 50,000 torrents online of *unique* perfect lossless album rips. We have grown strong and famous. Every single one of you can be proud of that, since we all built this place together. In this spirit we hereby declare 2 weeks time of amnesty of any banned user meeting the following conditions:
    At the moment of banning your ratio was equal or higher than 0.75.
    You were NOT banned because of trading, being affiliated with traders or breaking our invitation policy (if you were we won’t let you back in).
    Your disabled account is still on the system. If it isn’t we will not re-invite you (unless a staff member personally remembers you). Note that disabled accounts older than around 1.5 year are no longer on the system.
    Your country isn’t on the banned countries list (if it is, we won’t let you back in).

    IMPORTANT 1: Don’t be shy. This is your chance to come back to btmusic. There won’t be another. Let’s put aside any political bullshit or argument. It’s time to grow up and move on! Also note that if you were banned for offensive conduct or other disagreement with the staff it might be a good idea to apologize to the staff and the community, either in our IRC or in the forum. This is not required, yet recommended.

    IMPORTANT 2: If you contacted us before and we refused to re-enable your account because e.g. of bad ratio, feel free ask to again. If only you meet the amnesty conditions, you will get your account back.

    IMPORTANT 3: Note that unbanned accounts will be closely watched, so don’t even think about trading banned accounts. It will not work, especially with all your account details data already stored on the system.

    ATTENTION – HOW TO APPLY: If any of your friends or people you know lost their account and meet the amnesty conditions, tell him to write to btmusichelp(at)gmail.com with (1) the words “AMNESTY: ” in the title of the email and (2) shortly state your case in the message body. Incomplete applications will be discarded. The amnesty starts on 6 November 00:00 (CET)!

    The info about the amnesty won’t be published outside of the Site, so feel free to spread the word around. Yes, copy&paste of this announcement is fine. Feel free to post this on e.g. FST or other places like that.
    You may want to use this bbcode template to do that easily enough.

    BTMusic Staff

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