SCC give invites to all users

Only for a limited time we are giving you another opportunity to invite your friends over to SCC. Each one of you should have gotten at least one invitation to send to a special friend. Scene users/powers (1), scene lovers (2), scene addicts/legends+ (3) and donors (3). Just like last time, these invites are available only for a limited time, and may expire at any given moment!
So hurry up and invite your friends

Note 1: Selling our invites, creating duplicate accounts, and giveaway in public forums is strictly prohibited, and will not be tolerated!

Note 2: Please choose your invitee carefully, you will be held responsible for their actions in case they cheat/steal/cause other troubles!

1 comment:

  1. anyone got a invite to share send it to goldenfisken@live.se please.