SacraCorona - new and fresh invites forum

TSC is new and very fresh looking invites forum based on TopTBDev engine.

The Sacra Corona or TSC is a private site opened for sharing invites from torrent sites, your opinions about them, news about them and many other things, which I don't know (yeah pretty stupid, I know). It's not that hard to understand what is TSC, am I right?

TSC have multiple sections. So let's see how it looks like:
Giveaway section:

Invites requests section:

Trackers vote section:

News section:

There is also "Must be killed" section where you can find all traders and cheaters info.

Forum is for all other things you can talk about:

Current stats of SacraCorona:

TSC is invite only forum. So you will find here: fresh look (you can also change skins), very clear interface, friendly community. Some parts of forum are in romanian because this is romanian/english forum.
Interested? Find your invite ;)


  1. what is the regiter link dude?

  2. Where is url?

  3. @ DCsNoW

    TSC is invite only forum. So there is no registration link.

  4. i completed the recruitment aplication but still didn't heard any answer.I supposed that they want to bring more people but i see that is pointless

  5. http://filelist.ro/signup.php?k=9swl...5122005&u=7446

    Filelist is open

  6. how can i get invite to there?

  7. i can't login he tell me this...http://sacracorona.ws/private.html?returnto=%2Fhome.php why ?? :|