BTN - Why you do this to me?

I remember when BTN used to be fun and cool to work for, but now it's a chore.

I wish it wasn't like this, but it seems like wherever we turn, all we see are bad users. There’s a large amount of good users, and we're sorry you're being punished for the bad users’ actions.

Most of BTN Staff's work each day is focused around bad users. We rarely have time anymore to add new cool stuff, because we're busy trying to stop bad users being bad.

Things bad users do: Exploit our system, Trade and Sell invites, user cheating software, rate limit their client, general douche baggery.

When we started, our main focus was making BTN better, but now all we do is punish bad users.

I can't see why users can't be respectable and just use the system instead of cheating it; our systems are in place so EVERYONE at BTN can get a good user experience and fast download speeds as well as a heap of content.

I also can't stand how when we change something, we only ever see bitching from users in the forums; it leaves me not wanting to add new things. I haven’t coded anything for the main site in a few months since that when i do all i get is complaints that something has changed, even if it improves the site, the amount of bitching is overwhelming and leaves me cynical.

Maybe I’m asking too much for a community about sharing to not cheat our system and just share with others.

I've also been called childish numerous times this week, for doing things on BTN for the better. This doesn't make me happy either.

Message to cheaters: you know who you are, this is directed at you. Instead of spending so much time cheating our system and hurting others, go use another service like rapid share or UseNet. We don't want you here.

This is my rant, no other staff's opinions are reflected here, and it’s just my personal thoughts.

Creating and running BTN so far has been a joy, but now it just makes me angry.


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