Karagarga Leech Fest

Now that we've settled into our new server, it's time to announce our first freeleech period in 3 years. That's right! All torrents will be considered free to leech starting from Monday 9th to Sunday 15th of May for all enabled users including those on probation. During this week no download will be counted, only upload matters. Also uploading new torrents will be completely turned off including request fills. We will introduce a countdown clock and timer soon to keep you informed.

And there's a catch, or a carrot if you will, too. We have recorded a total number of peers on KG at a certain point of time. If we have doubled that amount at the end of the week-long leechfest, we will give you another week of festivities within the next two months. So keep on seeding those torrents after you've grabbed them. We will announce the number of peers to aim for before the 9th.

The basic idea of this leechfest is two-fold. Firstly, we want to stress-test our new tracker and see where its limits are at. Perhaps we need to do a tweak or two here and there. Secondly, we want to reward everyone involved for making KG such a success it has been throughout the years. We wouldn't be anything without our loyal users. Soon it's time to empty your bookmarks.

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