uTorrent 3.0 Beta Finally Out

The new Utorrent 3.0 beta is finally out! You can download the utorrent 3.0 beta from here: http://www.utorrent.com/downloads

The new beta also includes the new Webui that requires no configuration! What’s great about the webui is that you don’t need to host it online. You can control your own utorrent from anywhere in the world!

You can check it out here: https://web.utorrent.com/

You can watch videos and play songs while it is still downloading via your favorite player. You don’t have to wait till it is finished downloading.


Rate your favorite apps, movies, music! All with the click of a button. You also get media feed back from other utorrent users.

You can now send large files directly to your friends via utorrent. Select any file on your computer, drag it into the µTorrent “Drag files to send” box and µTorrent will create a Web link. Enter a friend’s email address or post the link to social media. Recipients can easily download the torrent, or if they don’t have µTorrent, download an app bundled with the file

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