DesiTorrents invite system enabled

After a long time, and due to huge demand we have decided to enable the Invitation system.
This system is a little different than some of you might be used to. Each of you have been allotted invites based on your usergroup. Keep the following rules in mind while using this system.

- User can't register with a different email than to which the invite was sent.
- User can only have 2 invites in their pending list at any time, so if you have 2 pending invites, you can't send the third invite until one of those invitees completes their registration.
- Be careful who you invite. If you invite a "Bad" user to DT, you will lose all invite privileges and the invited user account(s) will be permanently disabled! Your account can also be banned.
- Users caught selling invites, will lose their their accounts and their entire invite tree will be banned.
- Do not create dupe accounts. We will find out and all dupe accounts including the original will be banned.
- If you don’t see any invites, it simply means that you won't get any (yet), so don't go around creating thread and asking us why.

Note 1: Users get these invites which are valid for 6 months, once 6 months have passed everyone will lose the remaining invites they have. In other words the amount will be reset to ZERO. This will be done, so a user can't stock up invites.
Note 2: The issued invites can be removed at any time, especially if massive cases or invite trading/selling/dupe accounts are found. This is a special opportunity for all members. Do not misuse it.

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