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This is Goodbye - posted 7 hours and 5 mins ago
It's with great sadness that I write this post, however it's time to officially announce what many have been speculating about for quite some time: SharetheRemote has run its course and will be shutting down around the 16th of January.

While the immediate reason for this shutdown is a lack of funds (Note: Any donations made at this point will not be received until the 15th of February and will not help cover January's server bill), the prevailing reason is the stagnation that the site has faced. Both the torrent and user counts have floated around their current values and new features have came to a grinding halt ever since RC2 was prematurely released. The blame for this goes exclusively to the higher echelons of staff (developers+) - While the talent was certainly there, the activity simply was not. While it's a shame to see a site die due to a lack of organization, it's a harsh reality that we must face.

So what's to become of the torrents, users, and code? That's up to you guys. We currently aren't ruling out the idea of a merger, takeover by a new administration, or user relocation offer. If you are capable and willing to offer any of these services, send *** a PM. For now, the site will be set to global freeleech until it goes down. Grab as much content as possible and make sure to share it with the world!

Goodbye, SharetheRemote. It's been great.

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