PTN - Happy New Year Everybody

Happy New Year Everybody

1. Happy New Year
2. H&R Amnesty
3. Non-scene Groups
4. Special Characters


All staff here at PtN wish to take this opportunity to wish all our members a Happy Hogmany, a Happy New Year, and in many other languages too, read Here.

Well, what can I say, we end 2010 after a huge period of change here at PtN, yet we end the year as strong as we have ever been, and this is all down to you, our members, and from the bottom of my heart I truly do thank each & every one you, and I also wish to thank all staff members that have been on staff during 2010 and especially those that are here right now still doing what they do best - working for you, and alongside our staff also working hard is our ever expanding Internal Team doing their best to give you what you come here for, the content, which includes torrents, Internal Rips, Forum Comps & Games, Movie Reviews, irc, visual effects, all what you see is provided by our fantastic Internal Team, and watch out for 2011, it will only get better.

You may wish to thank the PtN Staff Here Thank You PtN Staff.

So with 2011 just around the corner (it's already arrived in some places!), we at PtN will not be standing still admiring what we have achieved so far, there are many new & exciting things planned for 2011 and I am sure that you just love what we have planned

What has 2011 got planned for you, what are your hopes & aspirations for 2011? Do let us know in this thread here Are You Looking Forward to 2011?.


Start the New Year with a clean slate and get your warning removed, this is open for 7 days only Warning Removal Amnesty. This is a one time offer as normally H&R is not tolerated here, but to show we have compassion, and to get you our members to think before you actually H&R, although it's a bit of light hearted fun for the start of the new year, the serious side is please - DO NOT H&R - thank you.


Non-scene release groups, we have 2 or 3 groups interested in releasing their material here, so keep tuned in to see what they have to offer in the coming months, and if you know of any non-scene groups that are looking for a place to call home to release their work, then contact staff here and we will help as much as we can.


For those posters who post in our International Forums, Special Characters is turned back on - which allows you to post fully again in your native languages, was turned off for a reason and that reason no longer exists, apologies for the inconvenience during the down time


You may discuss this announcement here Happy New Year Everybody.

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