Trackers Alternatives

Looking for your "Dream Tracker" like FTN, CN or HDBits.org? You always can find good alternatives for those trackers.

Looking for? CN
Try: PTN

Online app for PTN invite is active from time to time, and PTN is as good as CN. Both have quality content, nice layouts and awesomes features (bonus systems etc.).

Looking for? Zamunda
Try: ArenaBG or RarBG

Users outside Bulgaria cant connect with Zamunda (unless you are using proxy, but you still cant dl torrents - only browse them), but out there are two other amazing Bulgarian trackers: ArenaBG and RarBG, both with the same quality content.

Looking for? TorrentLeech
Try: IPTorrents

Both trackers have amazing speeds and content. On IPT there is no waiting time for new users, but still on both trackers seeding is very easy even without a seedbox.

Looking for? GFT
Try: PreToMe

Both ratioless trackers. Both quality trackers. If you can't find GFT we pick for you PTM. You wan't be dissipoitment, PTM is awesome too.

Looking for? TS-Tracker
Try: Quorks

Both German trackers. Invites on TS-Trackers are closed so you can try Quorks - this is great alternative for TS-Tracker, not only for German users.

Looking for? SCC
Try: RevTT or TorrentVault

SCC have great pretimes and amazing speeds, but you can also try RevTT or TorrentVault. Both trackers have the same content and you can easy obtain invites for them.

Looking for? BitMeTV
Try: BTN

BTN is new awesome tracker, based on Gazelle, and have quality content. On BMTV you must have a seedbox to keep good ratio but on BTN you can find the same content, and BTN is ratioless so you can dl your favourite series directly on your computer if you have good home connection and you can still survive on BTN.

Looking for? HDBits.org
Try: Bit-HDTV or Awesome-HD

Invites on HDBits are closed so you can find good alternative like Bit-HDTV, Awesome-HD or HD-Bits.ro. On those trackers you find almost the same content, and speeds are still very good.

Looking for? BCG
Try: bitGAMER

If you can't find a BCG invite, here is awesome alternative for your gaming needs: bitGAMER.

Looking for? TranceTraffic
Try: Elektronik or TranceRoute

TT is most amazing trance tracker out there, but invites are very hard to obtain. But you still have good alternative for TT. Try Elektronik and/or TranceRoute and you can find almost the same content as on TT.

Here are some other good trackers where you can find nice content and speeds and you can fill all your needs:

e-Learning: Bibliotik, Docspedia, ScieneceHD
Movies: Cinemageddon, PassThePopcorn
Music: CoExist, VIPMusic, SceneSound, Libble

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