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Pirate City News – 05 December 2010
1. Intro
2. Christmas Competitions
3. Uploaders
4. PtN Community Packs
5. December Donations
6. Another New Irc Chan

So here we are in December already, most will be thinking about Christmas and all that it brings, and for those who follow a different path and/or faith then may I take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Holidays all the same. I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful time with your family & friends at this special time of year.
And for our North American friends I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving day recently and you had a great time with all your family.
Well this announcement is all about competitions, competitions & more competitions, so have a look round the main competitions forum and see if there is something there that you can get involved in over this festive period and have some fun at the same time. Here
In no particular order, here are our current December/Christmas Competition Threads for your delight:
December Daily Prizes
PtN’s The Best Christmas Tree
Christmas Avatar Contest
Christmas Poetry Competition
Snatch Yill You Bleed V2
Make Your Own Album Cover Contest
And there will be more to follow, and if you have an idea for a Xmas Comp then please let us know in the thread Here
Overview Here
Uploaders – if you are interested in helping out with uploading 0day Movies, or can upload 0day movies with a good pre-time (and here at PtN it is all manual so all help is appreciated), then please let me or any member of staff know and we will take it from there. We are always looking for dedicated uppers to join our team, so any offer of help, no matter how small, is most welcome.
The PackRats are proud to present the latest in pack technology – Community Packs! This will give you, the awesome members of PtN, the opportunity to create a special pack each month. Here’s how it will work:
Each month, a member of the PackRats will create a thread and announce a theme. It’s up to you to determine what movies are a part of the pack. Simply name a movie that fits with the theme in the thread, and that’s all there is to it! When naming a movie for the pack, please make sure to place the IMDB link along with it. For example, let’s assume the theme was ‘Pirates’:
More info here PtN Community Packs
If you have donated during December, then please post here and we will double your rewards December Double Donation
Irc chans of Interest – Another New Irc Chan – #KeepinItReal – I won’t spoil it but it is very funny what happens in there
Do come along and join in the fun, and if you want to join using the wibbit (this is an easy browser irc chatbox client Irc and if you need a bit of help in using it or joining in then post in the thread Here
So till the next time, happy pirating everybody

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