ACiD - Xmas Banner Competition

Well……no sooner does Halloween disappear then XMAS comes along!!!!!
Cmon all you gfx geeks, once again we are giving you oodles of time to create your “piece de resistence” to adorn our site for the Xmas period!! Go crazy!!!
Up for grabs this year (at least to begin with…..but like Halloween comp it could be raised!!!) is…..
50GB of Upload credit!!!!
Also of course it will be our banner for at least a week.
Entries close 21st December, voting will take place over 48hrs to give everyone time to come into site, then winning banner will be up from 23rd December 2010.
So cmon all, dont be intimidated by these gfx freaks we have here, give it a go yourself, just start off with a sketch in crayons on toilet paper first then off ya go!!!!!!!!

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