SeX v1 is live!!

Dear SeX Members!

With SeX v1 pending, our coder has been working overtime making sure everything is ready. Unfortunate for us but, great for our members, he got over excited and pre-released it for everyone to see! So, without any other choice v1 is now open..Welcome to SeX v1!!!

A quick mention of some sexy new features:

Seedbonus System
How this works:
The system checks once(1 time) every hour for torrents seeded, it gets the total combined size of those torrents and gives you 1 point for every GB you're seeding with a max of 100 points per 1 hour.

To find it look at the top of the page where it says:
Welcome back, blah | Invites (0) | Bookmarks | Bonus: 0 | Betting | Logout

Check out the BONUS SHOP to see what goodies you can get!

New Torrent Details Page
Just when you thought it couldn't get any sexier!

And it's not stopping at v1! We've got more fun and unique things on the way so, stay posted.

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