PTP first closing then go under new management

First Message:

Dear PTP Users,

It's sad that it's come to this, but after a long discussion and several days of issues with donations and such, we have decided to close our beloved site forever. We are incredibly saddened that circumstances have come to this, and we cannot begin to say how sorry we are about this. This site has become part of our lives. We've gained friends, some knowledge, and of course a good movie or two. There's no good way to write a goodbye news post, and there's definitely not any part of this we enjoy.

We've been through a lot, as a community, and as staff. We've had our ups, our downs, and we've overcame them all. This, sadly, is something we cannot overcome. We simply cannot afford to push on anymore, and we regret to inform you of this decision that has not come lightly.

We love our community, and we cannot begin to express the thanks we have for all of you in your hard work, support of each other and the site itself, and the countless hours most of you have spent on the site making it the great site it has become.

As one last token of our appreciation, we will be enabling site-wide freeleech and keep the site up until the end of our servers billing cycle. This will be essentially until the end of this month. This may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but it's all we can do at this time. We hope you all understand the sadness that comes with this decision, and know it was something we have not taken lightly. Our userbase is incredible, and we hope you find a home after we're gone.

As said, we are so grateful for all of you, and we hope you can see this from our perspective.

In closing, to our userbase, I personally thank you for everything, and hope you take what you've learned here and utilize it wherever life takes you.

We, the owners, have decided this has proven too much for us personally, and have made this decision with our staff. This decision is final.

PassThePopcorn.me Staff

Second message:

PTP: Now under new management! - posted by ------ 7 mins ago
- and ------ were generous enough to transfer the ownership of the site. Please do not speculate on my identity, I will not confirm or deny anything. I do not want it to become a well-known fact.

With that said, the site-wide freeleech will continue for 48 hours as payment of the staff's appreciation for you sticking with us throughout the site's tumultuous times.

Please do us a favor, and do not hit-and-run the FL torrents. Staff will be checking for this, and unfortunately disciplining those as necessary.

More details to come!

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