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Oh no, 4everannouncing is at it again!

I just like to keep you all informed as to what is going on in our Pirate City.

The Invite a Friend weekend is officially over.  Well what a huge success it was and we would like to give all our new members a huge welcome to PtN and we hope your stay is an enjoyable one

For those arriving late, we opened Invite Apps for a week, so get your friends over to the invite app page if you missed the invite last weekend, it will be open till Sunday night, then the doors shut for housekeeping after that.

So what's new this week, well some old & some new.

FAQ has been updated, for Deckhand and above some new items added for that well deserved promotion, read your own forums for the details. FAQ SSL Swabbies better get yourself promoted to find out what it's all about

Can You Please Upload This 0Day Movie Thread.  We have a started a new thread in the forums where if you want a new movie that you would like to see upped here at PtN, then please let us know, and I'm sure it can be sourced for you.  Read all about it link Can You Please Upload This 0Day Movie Thread Here SSL

A reminder of our ongoing comps:

Activity Comp for uploading, downloading & seeding - read about it SSL Here

Make A PtN V2 Review Competition. read about it Here SSL.

Requests and 2 x Bounties! If you fill a request, and please try & fill as many requests as you can, everyone can upload here, so use it.  Read about it  Here SSL.

Do you like a weekly gamble on an EPL match? read about it Here SSL.

EPL Fantasy Football Tournament, read about it Here SSL

It's all about having fun and being interactive, so c'mon, get involved

Stay tuned for more announcements soon

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