se[X] - SeX v1.0, Site updates, Competitions & Challenges!

We have some exciting news today! Previously we mentioned about SeX v1.0. Well, the time is near. In roughly 10 days we will be "opening" SeX v1.0 to our Conductors, Dispatchers and Electricians to show our gratitude for their help and support to SceneXpress.

For everyone else:
We will be pulling out all the stops! We have some awesome competitions with lots of cool PRIZES and a site wide challenge coming your way.
In order to create some fun and activity we have made a site-wide challenge! It's called "Unlocking SeXv1.0"

"Unlocking SeX v1.0"
We have added some requirements for our members to reach, so you can unlock the new theme. Some of these will include reaching a target number of torrents, seeders, forum topics, people in IRC, posts, active packs, etc.
Each requirement MUST be completed if you want to see the new SeX v1.0!
We want this to be as fun as it can be, not for just our members but, for us as well. So in order to make it more fun, exciting and easy, we have added some competitions in the bowl as well.

The competitions are:
SceneXpress Snatching Competition
SceneXpress Uploading Competition (For our Uploaders)
SceneXpress Seeding Competition
SceneXpress Wallpaper Competition
SceneXpress Userbar Competition

So, let's get moving and unlock this thing!
We wish you the best of luck and hope you have a great time.
Kind Regards,

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