PTN - Review Template Competition

Because we're a movie site we believe that we need to focus more on movies and to do that we need a template for movie review.

All you have do is to make a template which should contain the following information:

  • Poster

  • Movie name

  • iMDB link

  • Rating

  • Genre

  • Director

  • Writers

  • MPAA

  • Runtime

  • Awards

  • Cast

  • Plot

  • Personal review - Optional

  • PtN download link

    Use your imagination to make the best template
    Prize are: #1. 1 invite and 50.000 gold
                   #2. 50.000 gold
                   #3. 30.000 gold

    You pirate have a week at your disposal to make the best templates, after a week will pass we do a poll and the pirates majority will decide the winners.

    Competition ends in 2010-07-04

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