PP - Donations problems ... again. Going into Pay Site?

Hi Everyone,

Once again its nearing the end of the month and we've failed to reach our donation targets. i hate begging for donations and im sure that you all hate us always harping on about it....  but seriously if we keep failing to reach our targets, we will have no choice but to close down peerportal, this is somthing that we do not want to happen, so i ask you all if you can spare any money to send to us it would be appreciated, as a special treat for the people that have donated we will enable freeleech.

it might be time to start purging users that have never donated, and saving this great community for our donators, that have supported us from day one.

i know it sounds harsh but its not fair on the people who donate and put to this site every month. we have over 10,000 members and more than 50% of these are active users, so why cant we reach our target?

Regards Superman

PS. please remember that all money donated to us is used only for the running of the Peerportals servers and seedbox's

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