PussyTorrents Signup Open

Well the name says it all! Pussy Torrents is a dedicated porn tracker with plenty of stuff to keep you busy. The quality, variety and quantity of porn is amazing. As with most porn trackers, this one has a huge amount of users. The layout is simple, neat and easy to navigate and very similar to TL. The site mostly indexes scene releases and less amount of user uploaded unique torrents or packs.
Wait times of 2-12 hrs applies to users who haven’t uploaded 7GB or have a ratio below .5. Once this requirement is fulfilled seeding becomes relatively easy. Even though the site does not have any Freeleeches or Bonus System, having a good ratio is not very difficult if you have a good buffer created by cross-seeding or part seeding and you jump on to torrents with plenty of leechers. The activity in the forums is pretty average though the staff is helpful and efficient.

Signup Link: Here

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