Join Lu*P - Brand New Invites Forum

As mentioned in previous article about Lu*P here we have invites for this brand new invites forum for our readers.

The rules are simple.

Send answers for this questions to: insidebittorrent@gmail.com


How long have you been in the torrent world?
What country do you live in?
Are you a member of other bittorrent forums? If yes, post some profile links.
Post 3 profile links from your favorite trackers.
Post 1 speedtest. (take it on www.speedtest.net, on any server you want).
Do you know what a bittorrent forum is?
What can you do for the Lu*P forum? (activity/etc)
If you recaive invitation , just register and then wait for confirmation. You will recaive e-mail when your account will be activated by forum admin.
Good Luck

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