Inside Lu*P - Brand New Invites Forum

Lu*P is brand new invites forum. It's closed community.
The forum has a great dark style and is well organized into different sections.

Here is Invites Section:

You can find more sections to talk about everything:

Inside The Giveaway you fill find lots of invites:

It's new forum but stats are better and better every day:

Short review:

URL: forbidden
Signup: none
Forum: 575 posts/threads
Users: ~60
Recruitments: YES
Non-Movement List: YES
Traders/Sellers/Cheaters: NO
Hidden Forum: YES
Bonus Points: YES
User Limit: 500

Short commentary:

Lu*P is good forum with trusted members when you can obtain invites very easy. If you join you probably will know lots of members because most of all are very good torrenters.
If you want to join soon you will find invites here on InsideBT.

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