HD-Bits.ro Application Form Open

HD-Bits.ro is a very suitable replacement for HDBits.org. As you probably guessed, it’s a HD tracker for movies & TV releases, which includes a healthy selection of full Blu-Rays and rips.
- Please fill in all the forms, especially your e-mail because that's where you'll receive your invitation
- Don't worry about your personal information, only staff has access; application is deleted after being accepted or rejected
- We might answer your application in a couple of hours or it could take a couple of days
- While we do not require you to write extremely long responses to the following questions, we do expect you to show some effort / thoughtfulness when answering
- If your account was previously disabled, do not attempt to apply here. Instead, come into IRC and talk with us!
- Please complete only one application form, if you post more, we will delete from without even reading them

Application Form Link: Here

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