FraMeSToR leaving Bit-HDTV

Hello FraMeSToR Fans.

By first I would like to thank everyone for the support you all have been given us. We started out only 7 months ago and now FraMeSToR is a well respected group thanks to our large growing fanbase and loyal supporters.

Now to get to the point of this thread. Yes, the rumours that are going around are true. We are leaving bit-hdtv. Before there is going to be any confusion let me say that we're not leaving because of rub-ins with the staff or users. In fact everyone has always been good to us since day one we were internals there. The reason for us leaving is that there was no room to expand. Lately we were getting a lot of PM's asking if there were other places to get our releases since bit-hdtv's sign-ups were closed and the invites didn't work either. The people of hdme.eu came to us with some very nice conditions and possibilities wich we couldn't refuse so a move was unevidable. That's why as of monday, we will be releasing our encodes directly to hdme.eu. Also, our collegue group FLAWL3SS is going to join our ranks. They will be our 720p equivalent and we will collaborate in encoding and developping methods and ways to make the HD encoding scene grow even better then it is now. Just wait and see.

We would also like the opportunity to thank bit-hdtv, it's staff and it's community for all the support and good comments and suggestions they gave us regarding our encodes. You helped FraMeSToR grow to what it is now and that takes a huge part in the FraMeSToR history.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Kind regards
The FraMeSToR team

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