TorrentSeed - Donations Problem

Once again it looks as if donations are going to be way short this month. Last month we were short and I had to pay from my own pocket the remaining costs which I don't mind doing now and again but the way I'm seeing things now is if people aren't willing to donate to help the site out then they wont be bothered if the site just disappeared.

I'm not going to have Torrentseed the type of site that annoys users looking for for donations month after month, I detest that sort of thing and even typing out announcement is making my gut wrench. We dont have annoying ads, servers donated to us from companies or sponsorship like some sites do, we're run off the kindness of the users here.

So this is not an ultimatum or threat but more of a reality and that is if we don't get donations covered then from start of June Torrentseed will be no more. Infact most of the torrents will stop being uploaded in the next week when we have to let our seedbox go and to be quite honest what's the point keeping the site running from then when most new releases aren't being uploaded to the site.

There is no fancy gimmicks this time of double upload credit or offers of free leech. Either you donate to see the site continue or else I'm sure you'll all find new homes eventually somewhere else to continue to download your torrents.

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