How to join What.cd

1. Getting an invite:

Potential users should never ever look for invites from a third party, namely invite sites. ONLY get invites from members of what.cd or from passing the interview. While this may not stop what happened recently to fellow members, it may prevent you from experiencing the joy of getting in only to be banned almost immediately.

2. The interview:

To join What.CD you have to keep a good upload/download ratio or you will get banned pretty quickly. So only try to join What.CD if you are serious about keeping a good upload/download ratio and just not going to join just to download as much as possible and not upload anything.
To join follow these steps:
First you need to download an IRC client if you haven't already got one. I recommend mIRC an easy to use free IRC client, which is downloadable here www.mirc.com.
When installed and ready to go. You need to join the What.CD IRC server which is irc.what-network.net Port 6667. Once you have connected you got to join the channel #what.cd-invites
When in the channel read the instructions that are given. Type !queue into the channel and you will be added to the waiting list to be interviewed for an invite. Please be patient waiting in the queue can take up to 4 hours or even longer. This is where you got to be one of them people that really want an invite as you could get an invited to the interview at anytime so you really need to stay at your computer watching to screen.
When you get invited to an interview room you will be asked a few question about yourself, how much you know about music e.g. do you know what a FLAC file is? And you might need to provide and image of your upload/download ratio of other private Bittorrent sites. So before you go to an interview room be sure to have a speedtest.net result ready.
Don't be nervous when answering the questions.
If they accept you and are willing to give you an invite they will ask for your email address and then they will send you an invite. So just go to you inbox and you will see an invite. From there on it is easy street as you just got to sign up and you're in.
Please be aware that they might not give you an invite for many reasons. So don't be too disappointed if you don't get an invite. You can try again, but the interviewers might get tired of you if you show no signs of improvement.

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