Seedbox's Top Quality Sellers - iSeedBox

Provider has about 15 different servers with 100Mb and 1Gbps line:

Support is amazing. You can get it via different ways:

 Customers quotes and ratings:

I would share with you my own impressions. First of all i got in their irc and had general talk about their service. I wanted 1 Gbps box. On that time they hadn't free but they had promissed me to book it. So in several days i got again on irc and asked about my future box. They asked me about what nick would i use. And then in 10 minutes the sended me details for my box. BUT....i hadn't payed. YES!!! I had asked about trial account and the had given me this account but only for 2-3 hours. Then i should payed for my box. REALLY NICE!!!
I can say again these guys are really awesome...

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