Seedbox's Bad Sellers - SeedHost.Net

Quotes from customers:

"About a month ago I tried ordering a dedi-server from seedhost.net. Don't make the same mistake I did. There service is horrible. There site says 72 hour set up. It took over two weeks for me. I submitted 2 support tickets during that time to find out what was going on. Both took several days for them to respond and all they said was soon/they're working on it.

When I finally got the email from them that my server was ready, the login was incorrect and didn't work and I was unable to use the server. Once again it took several days to get a response from support. Although I didn't care by then. I found Xirvik which has been amazing and I opened a dispute in paypal and told seedhost that I was cancelling (before they even had it set up). But it didn't work out, I lost my monthly payment and set-up fee while never using anything. So stay away from seedhost.net. "

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