FTN Down Forever

It's almost a year when FTN goes down. Users are still waiting for ressurection but the fact is that there will be no ressurection of FTN.

DDOS attacks from Dec.2013 and Jan.2014 just quick end FTN life. From close source to owner Brandon we know that server bills wasn't payed, Brandon is missing and nobody got access to db, domain, server etc. So owner is gone and so FTN. There will be no ressurection since now it's too late, most of users go to other trackers and Brandon just had enough and quit without a word.

For years FeedtheNet was one of the best trackers in the net. It was very hard to get into. From one moment it was called elite tracker and was most desire tracker not only for simple trackers members but also from trackers and sellers.

FTN and other "elite/secret" trackers just make private trackers and whole bt world sick. But it's time for them to go. FTN isn't first and last "elite" tracker to go down. There was other trackers to go down just because there was elite and have small userbase. Who remember iFi, FTWR, bR, UK-T? So who is next in the line? Exigo? deLLuge? Garden? FSC? We see about that...

Want to know more about "secret" trackers? Read InsideBT because we start series of articles about all those secret trackers who is still online.

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