"Clover" busted by police for child pornography

'Clover' (aka W동) was a general/pr0n tracker from Korea. It was one of those secret, hidden korean trackers with rare invites. We receive first signals that Clover is down in march thanks to one of our reader. Now we have confirmation that owners of Clover have been busted by Korean Police.

Distribution of movies and TV or any copyright content is illegal in Korea. Using of bittorrent technology is treated as distribution so many of korean trackers are deep hidden and are very hard to get into.

Special Cyber Investigation Police section from Seoul have arrested 2 owners of Clover and sized tracker servers which was rented from one of Vietnam based hosting company.

Among all torrents in Clover there was over 1000 movies containing child pornography. Torrents was visible  and was under AdultVideo section accessible for every of 3400 registerd members.

Owners are also accused of gain profit from child pornography since they create a Pay Membership for members.

Korean police is now searching for users who download illegal files since they will be accused of distribution or possesion of child pornography.

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