iPlay Open for Signup

iPlay is currently open for signup!

Click this link and choose SIGNUP BUTTON.

In signup page you will find standard fields for registration but among this you must also give answer for 3 random questions. Here's an example:

Question #1
How do you maintain a good ratio?
After I finish downloading I exit my bittorrent client.
After I finish downloading I seed as much as I can.
After I finish downloading I stop the torrents.

Question #2
May you create duplicate accounts?
Sure, I can create accounts for every day in the week
No, duplicate accounts means banning my IP
Yes, for backup, you know...

Question #3
What is seeding?
Leaving your client open after the download completes.
Closing your client after the download completes.
Downloading everything you can.

iPlay is a romanian general/0day tracker fully translated into english Currently offer over 9000 alive torrents. To maintain good ratio iPlay have very well designed iSeed system:

We are helping you more to maintain a good ratio, so we made some improvements to the iSEED system by reducing to half it's seeding requirements. Also, we brought back two of the most loved and helpful systems in p2p world: FREE and 50% ( half ) torrents.

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