E-learning trackers open for signups

Here's some of e-learning trackers currently with open signups:

EBbits.org - Click to register

EBbits is chinese e-learning tracker. Based on popular among chinese trackers NexsusPHP engine offer over 8000 torrents. Most of the site is in chinese only some of navigation is translated into english.

BitSeduce - Click to register

BitSeduce offer everything related to art of seduction & self-improvement. Check often signup link since registration is available from time to time. Currently open signup is available. Bitseduce offer over 4k torrents and nice community.

Docspedia - Click to register

Docspedia is one of the best e-learning trackers. Many torrents are free leech, so it's easy to build good ratio. If you are looking for a decent e-learning tracker then Docspedia is for you. Currently you will find there over 5k torrents.

Biztorrents - Click to register

Biztorrents is one of the best e-learning tracker for business and mangement materials. Biztorrents offer over 3500 torrents.

Other e-learning trackers with open signups:

Salad.lt - Click to register

Ebook-Shares - Click to register

Ebooks-Heaven - Click to register

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