GazelleGames re-opened

Dear GGn members,
We’re extremely happy to be here and able to welcome you back to your favorite games tracker! No doubt you have some burning questions on how this can be possible and the events leading up to our return; so let’s start:
Why’d you close, only to come back?
Two months ago we were in a position where we could not guarantee the ongoing safety of the staffers or members of the site. Rather than risk making that data accessible to some legal organization, we decided to shut down and fully give the impression we would never be returning (ha!). We’ve spent our downtime moving servers around and buffing up our security, as well as fixing lots of bugs and usability issues. The site and all your great work in terms of game descriptions and user contributions are 100% intact.
Really? All our stats?
All accounts are active again. You’ll of course not be subject to any hit n runs or inactivity disables that would have otherwise come into effect for not logging in/seeding whilst the tracker was offline. No torrents have been deleted for inactivity. Now what is important is we get back to seeding the existing torrents so all your hard work in the past doesn’t go to waste. To accommodate for the fact some users will have removed content, torrent inactivity deletions is disabled for the next month. There have been plenty of game releases in the last month that we need to catch up on, so there’re plenty of upload bytes opportunities – get uploading!
What about my stats? And didn’t you say you wiped the data?
All your stats, including torrents, seeding, forums, achievements, etc. have been fully restored. The plan was to wipe the data shortly after taking the site down, but the sysops immediately began talking about re-opening and decided to hold on to it for a little while should that happen. Rest assured, the data was handled with the respect your privacy deserves, fully encrypted and stored offline until a trustworthy host was established.
I’ve deleted files and now have/will get HnRs?
None of your current downloads will be processed as hit-n-runs for the next month. Re-download anything that will be classed as a hit-n-run due to lack of seedtime and resolve this before the month-long grace period expires. Anything you download from here on out though is subject to the rules.
Anything else change?
While we were down, we took the time to make a few fixes/improvements to the site. Most were around security, but some other back-end changes were also made to improve the site experience. If you look at the staff page you’ll notice that it more clearly shows which staffers cover which responsibilities, and who is in charge of each aspect of the site.
As a welcome back gift, everything is free leech for the next week. Enjoy!

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