Beathau5 open irc interviews

In the interest of allowing in as many potential users as possible, we at Beathau5 have recently opened up an interview system. The questions focus mainly on basic torrenting principles, so people with even a beginner's level of experience have an opportunity to get in.

Join #interview on irc.beathau5.com to take the interview

Some quick facts about Beathau5:
  • Maximum users: 5,000
  • Enabled users: 1,979
  • Torrents: 19,085
  • Releases: 14,179
  • Artists: 35,818
  • "Perfect" FLACs: 7,732
  • Snatches: 186,484
  • Peers: 51,993
  • Seeders: 51,683
  • Leechers: 310
  • Seeder/Leecher ratio: 166.71
We have just recently implemented some new features to keep things fresh, namely:
  • Bonus point system and store
  • Album Club Feature, in which users take turns featuring albums on the main page for discussion in the forums and irc
  • 12 hour freeleech on all new uploads
Come join us at the home of electronic music!

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