UA - new BT forum with lots of drama

So recently on our email arrive message about new BT Forum called UA. It was couple of days ago and since today we discovered a lots of drama about UA who was exposed by other members.

So what's about this drama?
As you know we bring for you a InsideBT Invite Forums Database so you can easly check if there is possibility to join one of them. Some of forums are open, some have irc interviews and some are invite only.

Some new forums are invite only and they want to be "1337". Why? Because it's cool? We don't know, mayby...
Invite only forum have some prons and cons. Of course when you invite only you have the oportunity to check your members before they join your forum.
If you invite only you need something to bring new members. So some users discovered and exposed UA admins idea for they forum:

First you can find a warning article on NTheKno blog: unknown.assoc.co – Beware!!!

Then we find a thread on FST with IRC logs. You can check yourself because it's long post and we will not quote everything: UA Exposed on FST

We only quote a funny thing from irc logs:
[15:26] <> ****, one more thing ... this place in not going to be tps or cfs
[15:26] <> it'll be more elite .. so we have to make our move that way
[15:26] <> it doesn't matter if 1 ore} 2 trackers refuses us
[15:27] <> cause in the end of the day they will come beggimg to us for their own sake
[15:28] <> i am serious
[15:28] <> i know tps is denying but i am not worried about it
[15:29] <> if people deny let them deny ... but keep a very cool relation

So what's the point of running "elite" forum on free hosting with free domain? And yes, NTheKno post author have right, this is another forum run by the same person. All previous forums was on the same free hosting, with free domains: CorollaForum, TheLuckyAce, TheFlyingDutchman ... and now UnknowAssociation.

The bad thing is that admins create a fake recruitements to bring more users:
Gentlemen, we have an update on this so-called HDBits recruitment at UA.  Apparently, Dallmayr created another account on the website under the name Rimorcelli, and proceeded to start the recruitment thread.  We know this for a fact because we were able to grab the IP address that this account last logged in with: 86.*censored*.
 As we knew ahead of time, Dallmayr's IP is dynamic.  However, every IP address he's used began with 86.*censored*.  We contacted a couple of trackers, and one of them positively confirmed that Dallmayr had logged into the tracker with the same IP that we found.
 After already determining that the recruitment itself is fake, we have now determined that the recruiter himself is fake, as Dallmayr is not (and now, never will be) a member of HDBits.
As for us we will post UA on InsideBT Invite Forum DB and there we post info about they irc recruitement. But it's up to you if you choose to join them...


  1. i'm on UA and actually i never seen a forum with a community like they have. PA is just looking for new members...

  2. Fuck UA is shit! Biggest shit! Great forums dosen't start on free hosting!

  3. PA dont need the new members u idiot