TPS v2.0 now on XenForo

OK guys and girls, back from summer vacation, so time for some updates.

TPS ( The Pirate Society) announced last month v2.0.
They moved from vBulletin to the Xenforo platform. XF is now one of the most advanced, dev friendly, secured and modern forum script. XenForo brings a fresh outlook to TPS now.

Here's a little quote from v2 opening day (originaly posted on TPS by othersna):
We're alive again! With the "excitement" of a new platform and look, as well as the hubbub of activity from the staff in bringing v2 to life, I'm seeing some of our old members come back and participate. So since we reopened, we've been more active in the somewhat slow times just before we moved. In some ways, we look like a new site, and "freshness" seems to breed more activity. Now as Xenforo is "Dev Friendly," we will continue to change and make improvements, so hopefully our members will keep logging in to see the new things which will arrive.

Currently in our eyes TPS is a World Class forum, respected among trackers, with expirence staff and members.

A little look inside TPS v2.0:

Current stats:
Discussions: 82,600 Messages: 669,091 Members: 10,947

If you want to join TPS have  a short IRC interview, and applicants can go to:  irc.thepiratesociety.info , port 7001#applicants

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  1. It's even easier to join TPS now. We have a simple external applicication. Just to to the site, https://www.thepiratesociety.info , and click the application link at the top of the page. The IRC channel is still open for answering questions about the status of applications.