F3i BT forum updated review with free invites

F3i forum is new bt related forum who recently changed forum script to XenForo engine. This script is lightweight, modern and very fast.
F3i brings you a variety of sections and topics.
From new version no more giveaways are allowed. But users can request invites. You also will find section where tracker representatives make recruitements.
F3i is strictly non-trading forum, so they have "No Invitation List" with different variety of limitations for invites requests.
Currently F3i gather users from previous version and accept new members.

We bring you special invites valid only for 2 days of Easter.
You can simply receive invite to F3i! You must only send email to: f3interview@gmail.com with specific title: "InsideBT Easter" write your nick, one profile to your most used BT forum and your email (only GMail accepted). Remember this offer is valid only for 2 days!

After that your only chance to get in into F3i via official recruitements:

IRC Interview: irc.p2p-network.net #f3interview

F3i have very interesing activity system. It's not based only on messages count. You don't find there "forum games", every messages is counted but it don't give you higher rank. You must collect Pirates Trophys to achieve something on F3i. 

Here's a screen with Pirates Trophys:

And a quick look into forum layout:


  1. cool & active forum with great members & staff
    thank you for this offer

  2. `now i will w8 for an answer...:)

  3. awesome forum
    join us guys